E-Learning Attendance 

Parents will no longer need to enter attendance for their student(s). Thank you for your hard work and dedication in helping your students engage in their classes.


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Class schedules and teacher assignments are now available on Skyward Family Access.

Synchronous Learning Schedules

  • Synchronous learning time allows for live interaction with your students. This synchronous learning time, coupled with asynchronous videos and activities can serve to provide a comprehensive learning experience.

King Elementary SchoolSilas Willard Elementary SchoolSteele Elementary School
Lombard Middle School*Churchill Junior High SchoolGalesburg High School/GHSN

Attendance Procedures and Student Engagement

  • Parents and/or students will need to enter attendance each day by 11:00 a.m. 
  • It is imperative during E-Learning that attendance is taken on a daily basis and reported through our required state reporting procedures.
  • Currently, a sample attendance form is included so that families can review the simplicity and format of attendance.
  • On September 8th, school sites will be listed with attendance forms for each school and will be ready for use. You must fill out the attendance form for each student at the student’s respective school.
  • Click the Student Engagement Flowchart link to review our plan for students who are not engaging in E-Learning. The Student Engagement Flowchart outlines the process we will use to engage at-risk and non-attending students.
  • Student Support Request Form-This form can be used to indicate the need for additional support. Students, Parents, Teachers, and/or other District Support Staff can complete this form to indicate the need for additional support. 

Technology Help for Families

  • The Parent Tech Help Site can be located HERE. There are tutorials, a Parent University Presentation, and a Parent University video that are accessible on this site.
  • NEW Parent Technology Hotline: We are providing a Parent Technology Hotline to assist our families with technology issues, questions, and concerns.